Saturday, November 15, 2008

ZipCar Challenges StreetCar in London with ZipCar Key Contest

ZipCar Key Contest:

Mailed out 10,000 keys to residents in London by direct mail. Parked a ZipCar in Westfield Mall. Provided ZipCar 20% off Discount Coupon or Free 1-month trial voucher in direct mail or on-site signage. 

The direct mail piece:


To: Driver license holders that do not own autos.

From: ZipCar London

Message: We're delighted that you have a diver's license. And you're smart enough not  to own a car in London. But did you know that you can have the convenience of a car without  all the hassles (such as maintenance, insurance, parking, etc).

Enclosed: A set of car keys for our ZipCar Key Contest. For your chance to win a year's membership of ZipCar. And a voucher for 1-Month ZipCar Trial Membership. 

ZipCar Key Contest:

How do I win? Find out where the car is parked (visit, get over there, and try your key. 

My Analysis of ad campaign: Great cross promotion between Westfield White City London and ZipCar. Drives traffic to physical presence of ZipCar in Westfield. Drives traffic to from direct mail recipients attempting to find out where car is. Signage around ZipCar at Westfield grabs attention with, "Try your key here!" People can request a ZipCar contest key and more information. Well-implemented, highly-targeted direct mail and intrusive contest proposition. Great move to gain market share in London self-service car market and challenge Streetcar, which uses mostly street promotion teams and leafletting.


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