Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why I love my new Samsung U800 phone

Samsung phones are the best. I never understood why Nokia is so popular. I understand why iPhone is popular but I don't need another iPod or laptop, so I am skipping it for now.

I just received my Samsung U800 today, the evolution of Samsung E200 (too thin, battery life too short, middle button takes you to internet which is not ideal nor natural). I am completely satisfied with it. This is it. This phone can theoretically last me my entire life. It's cool I know what I want. (But when I get it, I don't want it anymore--I love it!)

Form factor: It's a bar phone so no extra work like flipping or sliding, just start using it. I never understood why people want extra work. Thin as ice. Compact. Feels like jewelry. Like a sword. Feels better on your ear than any iPhone or Blackberry supercomputer.

Quality: Two words, Bang & Olufsen. Enough said.

Privacy: I can lock the phone or any section of the phone. I can put a lock on my memos, contacts, messages, calendar, whatever I choose. So someone can say use my phone but not have access to my sexy text messages for example.

3G: HSDPA is there if I want. I don't. I can manually connect to any network and turn off 3G. Turning off 3G doubles talk time to 6 Hrs. Phone doesn't get hot like many 3G phones.

Customized greeting message: When it turns on, I can decide how I want to be greeted. The default is "Welcome to 3G". I changed mine to "Hi Taige. Let's kick some ass."

Flashlight: If it's dark, you have a bright LED flashlight which can light the whole room.

Document viewer: You can read PDFs, etc. if necessary although the screen is tiny so I don't recommend.

5 Alarm Clocks: This is awesome. I have had and/or used Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, iPhone, Motorola, nothing compares. I have one alarm for waking up customized to weekdays. One for making Ebay bids. One for reminders to call someone. One for weekend wake up times. Just lovely.

Auto-reject: I have a lot of stalkers. Some girls and guys just don't know when to quit. So I add their number to my auto-reject list. I don't know any other phone that has this function. 

Recommend-dialing: Instead of having to go to contacts and searching for a contact, if you know some numbers of the person you want just start dialing and the phone will recommend the contact. It's so convenient. I think iPhone has the feature also.

Bluetooth explore: With Samsung UI, you can actually go into & explore the paired phone. Then you can "get" the files you want from other people's phones instead of having them send it to you.

Video: You can record in MP4 instead of that gp3 or whatever format.

Likes: Features above. Loud speaker and great reception. Favorite OS and great themes. Shows you the duration of your current call when talking unlike my previous Nokia phone.

Dislikes: Stopwatch can't run in the background. Haven't figured out how to turn on just the flashlight without having to go into videocamera mode. Battery life is not long enough. Word limit in memos. Too new afraid of scratching it. Also UI problem. When you type in memo, tasks, etc. default input is not T9 but abc which is annoying and can't be changed. Also all text messages in are saved to SIM instead of phone by default for some reason. I can't figure out how to change this.

Bonus: Oh and probably no one else cares about this but me. You can set when the keypad lights up. For example, my keypad lights up when I dial it between 17:00 and 9:00. No point in having backlight keypad during the day. 

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Anonymous said...

how you LIKE this crap phone beats me! Its by far the worst phone ive ever owned. The instructions run to 24 pages , WOW! my old V3 was 240 pages long & it did a quarter of what this is meant to do!
It has this annoying delay on all the functons, There is no way to switch on/off 3g ( I cant get it ON to 3g!) Its been broken 3 times & away for repair ( 1st phone ive had that needed this after 14 years of mobiles!) There are no pre loaded templates or anything.
Laquer has all peeled off the metal case & it looks so scabby now.
ITs NOKIA or MOTO for me next, Ill never touch another samsung.