Saturday, November 1, 2008

quick post

Again I am zuber busy but I'm at Starbucks about to get to work and thought I'd make a quick post. I tried to order a gingerbread latte today but the barista said it wouldn't be available until next week. He gave me a free drink coupon for the gingerbread drink though. So "Ask and you shall receive" Tom Cruise. And guess what? I asked for another one and received another one.

What else? Last night was pretty fun because costumes were involved. Time to get to work before heading off to Tate Modern (my employee pass expires later this month).

Can't wait for Christmas.

1 comment:

Macky said...

lucky dude! look at all those ladies... poor me, essays and filming!

hey, i am going to definitely film in UK.. are you up for?