Saturday, June 7, 2008

Brits: Are you alright?

I just got back from jogging in the park for about an hour. I was really liking the song above and dancing to it while jogging. I also like to dance while cycling. So this weekend I am working on two personal projects which I will just name for now: TaxiAd London and Mantra. I also won some victories in my life but can not write about it because of confidentiality, and also because some secrets once disclosed will lose their power.

What I dislike about people here in the UK is instead of saying "how are you", they say "are you alright"? I was cooking an egg and my room mate was like "are you alright."

Are you alright? Why would I not be alright? You don't say are you alright when there's nothing wrong with the person. Why would you ask a perfectly fine person if he's alright? Who made you doctor? (Then again. When there's actually a person crying on the subway, no one asks if she's alright except for me.)

I've heard this since I first came here and the question has been tolerable. But there's a limit to this. And today that limit was reached when a gang of black teenagers in matching track suits in the park asked me "are you alright, mate"? I instinctively started checking my clothes for blood. I don't even know how to respond. I said, sup. And they started giggling.

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Hiren said...

Haha, That is a really stupid saying.