Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some people don't have a job. I got four. (But want another four.)

I got four jobs right now:

I start my week off with Connexion Capital, a private placement firm for hedge funds and PE. Then I move on to Yankee Group, a research and consulting firm focused on the connectivity industry. Next I mix in some hours at Lord's Cricket Ground and Tate Britain throughout the week and weekends. These jobs are good, but...

Four jobs I would really like to have are:

Associate at a VC firm in California working with the latest technologies, smartest people, motivated idealists, and startups. Helping them make their ideas come to life and spell IPO.

AE at a London ad agency where I can be creative, artistic, introspective, intuitive, and analytical. I like the lifestyle, people, and quirkiness. 

TV writer on a TV show in New York. I like TV, dreaming, writing, English, storytelling, entertainment, teamwork, and NYC. 
Crew on a ocean liner or oil rig somewhere on the pacific. I like the sea, being away from civilization, away from computer, and doing some manual work. And I am guessing there's a lot of fishing opportunities. 

What do you think? What are your jobs? I asked what jobs my friend wanted at dinner and he said something in politics, ideally president of Pakistan. 

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Hiren said...

right now I am doing video/podcasting. But I think I wouldn't mind being apart of the Green movement in some way. Or a teacher, or a skydiving instructor. There are a bunch of cool things to do!