Monday, December 3, 2007


Great resources for being more knowledgeable. Lists are useful for finding competitors, leaders, and just names of companies you never really knew about. They can be really useful depending on how you use them. Even if not, it's facts you can educate your gut with so when it's time to make that decision, your gut makes a well-informed decision.

Top Companies Intending to Go Public
-Lists large companies that may go public which can be useful in identifying future employers and business partners, investing, ideas, and general awareness. Strangely I don't see VISA on it.

Entrepreneur Hot 100
-Details small companies that may give a sense of what is hot/great ideas, secret to success, and primer for further research.

Top Companies in San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont
-A interesting list of companies in my region. Good to know your neighbors.

Top Companies by Industry
-Whatever industry you're in, there's some leaders.

Rankings For Organic Optimization - December 2007
-It lists the top search marketing firms/agencies. Not a very solid list but good for my upcoming interview with a SEO firm.

20 Ways to Make Spare Money
-I got a few useful tips. I'd like to add to that list: Be a model, be a google quality rater, and be a person that answers to classifieds.

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