Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brighter, but Still Uncertain. (I'm not talking about the economy)

I haven't been writing much lately because I have been extremely busy. Helping out with MyTango, UT Alumni, Silicon Valley Web Builders, helping friends, interviews, exercising, networking, applying for jobs, going to events, and working on the condo. Hanging out with my mom.

It's great I am getting one interview a week still.

First item on my plate is my health. I am so out of shape because of my ankle sprain that only now (after 4.5 months) I can jog/run. I have been doing this for an hour daily for the past few days. "If I have my health, all other wealth will follow." I made that up.

Just a glance at my upcoming week. Today: Return library book. East Bay Entrepreneur Dinner with Dinesh and Hiren. Friday Lunch 2.0 at Meebo with Bess. Saturday party in Berkeley with Jason, Matt, Hiren. Call Julia. Next week: interviews, events, and more books due.

Get my hands on some Aqua Dots. Joking.

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