Thursday, November 29, 2007

A day in the Life of Taige

Yesterday was good. Not only did my stocks go up and we dodged a recession, but also the Raptors won. After 7 hours sleep, I spent the early morning helping MyTango in SF. Then I went to Starbucks to study for my interview as hard as I used to study for my exams. (Similarities: I was nervous. I drank coffee. I tried my best. I was disappointed I learned so much that wasn't tested). I then did more field research on the company by going to Westfield and talking to the store managers. I asked how come there are no change rooms here and she told me usually kids always fit their clothes and it's hard to get them to try clothes. She was very helpful: told me more about the store, gave a few tips for the interview. We had a fun conversation and she gave me her mobile. Then I walked to the interview. I was convinced that I wanted to work there and never prepared so much for a single interview. The people were really friendly and I had a good 2 hour interview. After that I went to UC extension info session for a Finance Certificate program that taught financial modeling, etc. I met a interesting preMED from Orange County. We chatted for a while, but she was going back to in a week so I didn't get her contact.

This is similar to when I met a really cool girl with a turtle bag who was going to Vancouver to study and do makeup in films. She was really friendly and met my high energy level. I would of liked to hang out with her, but I had to get off. I was helping with MyTango? No. I had a suit on. I had a interview with Ajilon.

Then I met a PoliSci guy from UCLA who was pretty tall. So I talked to him about basketball and he got my number before we departed. Checked messages. I got home at like 9 PM and watched "the Office" online as I ate and was completely confused because I haven't seen it in years. Then I cleaned my room. Talked with friends. Read about my stocks. I can't believe Lululemon's CEO fudged his resume. I lost confidence in the company and considered selling, but their performance has been superb. I am still deciding. Is the blog for real? Need to talk with some smart people. Relaxed. Emailed "Thank Yous" to the four people I met that day. Watched NBA highlights in bed.

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