Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankgiving Weekend

I went to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving with family. It was fun but I have never slept sooo much in the car because the drive was like 14 hours long and we got home at night so I slept more.

Like Esquire Mag, Things I've learned:

  • Palm Springs like a desert that has greenery in select places.
  • I like sea bass.
  • Lamb tastes bad when cold.
  • Yucca trees are crazy. I think Dr. Seuss based his books on them.
  • I am great under stress. I see problems as challenges/puzzles that requires high energy and creative thinking. Example. When we realized we didn't know what resort we were invited to stay at.
  • Cameras can drop if placed precariously in windy places.

Pictures [Click to Enlarge]:

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