Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Job Fairs :)

I just got home from a Job Fair today that my friend told me about last night. This has been the most useful one I've been to so far. It's funny who I am meeting these days. On my cell phone, I have the most random people that I met in transit and different from school.

So for this evening, I'll apply for jobs, go to the library to borrow a book, follow up, and work out with some new friends. Tomorrow I'm going to a Gay Job Fair (really. I don't even know who told me about it. Link.) and an networking event for mostly MBA Alumni at night.

This is an unpleasant time in my life (looking for jobs), but I'll try my best to enjoy it. Nothing lasts forever right? :)

Other Job Fairs I'll be attending:
Asian Job Fair.

I'm going to eat some candies now. A job fair is pretty much like Halloween for grown ups. You prepare your costume the night before, dress up, and go around repeating the same thing to a bunch of people for candy. Oh man I got so many goodies. I even got some freeze dried ice cream.

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