Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Good Part Time Job is Google Quality Rater

By the way, I'll be working for Google as a Quality Rater (once I pass the final test) on a part time basis at home for Working Money (Current Bank Balance - Current Credit Card Charges). Google is so serious about confidentiality that I'm scared to even mention this. I even have to apply for permission to have an adsense/adword account after I pass the test.

It's $15/hr. See.

They actually have people manually rating their results to make sure that their results continue to be the best. Algorithms can only do so much.

More information:


Google is intensifying their efforts in manual evaluation of web searches in your language, and are looking for evaluators to work about 20 hours per week. If you meet Google’s pre-screening requirements, you may have the opportunity to work as a Quality Rater.

You are not committing to anything long-term by signing up. Google does not guarantee you regular work. The needs in this area change frequently and may vary from week to week, so you shouldn't count on this part-time work for essential income. The pay rate is $15 per hour.

The tasks can be done from your - personal computer. The assignment requires a high-speed internet connection, but there are no specific requirements for the type of browser or hardware you use.

The Prescreening test and potential subsequent assignments can only be completed by one member in the household and must be completed in your country of residence.
Success on these projects requires, among other things, analytical capacity, familiarity with various online research tools, and an intimate knowledge of the web culture.


As a Quality Rater you will be looking at pairs of search queries and results for those queries. Subsequently, you will rate or annotate the results to give our search engine feedback on its performance. This is challenging work. The instructions are fairly complex and you have to try to be consistent in what seems (at least initially) like an infinite number of different situations. Additional information about the project will be released to you once we receive a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

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