Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So many Social Networks. Find the Perfect ones.

I realize there's a lot of social networking sites out there. Each one is a little different so more useful in their respect. MySpace would be useful if you're a artist or musican. LinkedIn if you a professional. Facebook if you were a college student or of that generation. There's Tagged. I could find you 50 in 10 minutes.

Now I've joined ecademy in hopes that it offers something Facebook doesn't. It emails me every time someone looks at my profile. I've got like 5 hits today already.

This is a revealing blog about Social Networking Sites, I have yet to read it in detail. Posting important part.

Build your own Social Networking site - is this the latest growth area?

With a new Social Networking site being announced almost every day or so, I am getting used to hearing about the next big destination in the Social Networking stakes. For now, there are a number of sites which are growing and others which are not. The growth areas still include MySpace and Facebook though it is almost certain that newer sites will, like YouTube though maybe not as dramatically, make their presence felt as they grow into the big league of Social Networking.

At the same time as the mainstream consolidates, it seems that there is a growing place for niche sites. These might include Activerain, a network for US Real Estate or LibraryThing a network for people who love books. There are many others uniting people who work in similar professions or share interests in some way. Ecademy caters for these needs with Clubs.

Until now, there has been a requirement to write or adapt software to get a Social Networking site operational. In our case, there has been an 8-year development and that development has not stopped - nor will it for the foreseeable future. Now it may be easier to put together Social Network sites using software that has been developed for the purpose. Two announcements in the past week seem to show the direction of these developments.

In San Francisco, at the Web 2.0 Summit last week, Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini publicly launched, which lets people build Web sites for online socializing. ZDNet reported -

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