Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SF Beta Party

I just arrived home from the SF Beta party which was quite sweet. First of all, I sometimes consider myself introverted (despite taking theatre and doing plays in college), but I seriously enjoy being around people. If I could, I'd like to be surrounded by people 24/7. Or maybe I'm just in the life cycle that makes friends top priority. From Marketing Class: ages 1-10 focus on playground, 10-20 focus on sports, 20-30 focus on relationships and friends, 30-40 focus on family, 40-50 focus on health, 60-70 focus on funeral.

Anyways I love meeting new people and now I'm more enlightened and feeling better after meeting several great people. And of course there's some people you click right away with and some you don't but then become good friends over time. Funny thing. This is the only party where I didn't talk to a single girl.

So I go there at 6PM and meet Neil from Pinger who demonstrates his service while I'm in line. Pretty interesting guy who did started his own video game business right after college. He pitched to like 60 companies for distribution and got a few. I'd love to hear the rest of his story some time. Maybe I'll meet up with him someday.

Then I met some guys from Czech. Then a guy from Plaxo and another guy. Then my friend Mike showed up. He didn't get no shrimp. Too late. Then we met a guy from Switzerland and a guy from India, Sayed. Soon I saw some guys with cool cameras so we met them. They do photography for fun. Salim, CEO of, told me about PhotoDirect and Digital Railroad. Maybe I'll head over to a conference Mike's attending tomorrow at 1:30 after meeting up with Dudley. Next we met Jatin from Lehman and Raj from Now My Networks. They were two friendly people I really enjoyed talking to. Jatin is from New York (where I used to live) and just moved to SF two months ago so we could really relate. He did his Masters at RPI right after his bachelors and then started working at Lehman's in New York. Very cool guy that's around my age and similar to me except he has a good job :]. Then I got a drink. Mike was like you didn't tip. I was like....I don't have coins.... Then we met some designers from Flickr. One guy mountain bikes which I would like to talk to him more about but he had leave for food. Then Jatin came over. Talked about basketball, tennis, badminton, airlines, etc... Then Mike and I left but ran into Sayed on the way.

Sayed was going to the same stop as I to visit his friend in Fremont. So we talked during the whole trip. We missed our transfer point. This always happens when people have really good conversations. I remember one date I was on where we missed our stop 3 times. I really admire this guy. He graduated from India and came over, found a job in 3 weeks (got H1B Visa) in NY, then worked contract in Dallas, Seattle, LA, San Jose, and now works in SF. He went through what I am going through except he did it by himself in a foreign country. He went where ever he got a job and fought through not having friends, family, and a relationship. He gave me many tips and advice for looking for a job especially for an immigrant. He said we'll go clubbing after I get a job and told me to focus on that now.


  • Go to library get Chamber of Commerce Book: Call or email all companies in there.
  • Go to more career fairs.
  • I also learned Marina club district people stuck up, Mission district people down to earth.


I told him about (a site to download music. My cousin in high school showed it to me this summer. Dang we old folks are so out of the loop. Like he was still using Limewire or Napster or something real old school.

Oh by the way it's Moon Festival today! I totally did not get any best wishes from anyone. What the hell?

This song started playing on iTunes so I'm going to embed it.

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John said...

If you can't afford to tip, you shouldn't go to bars.

Takei Tiger said...

I disagree. Tip is a reward for good service. Why should I give it every time? Plus I didn't coins.