Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tipping Point--Analysis up to page 240.

My boss gave me a book to read called the Tipping Point, I almost finished it today. (Actually I sometimes like to not finish books because I like to leave the end to my imagination).

Wow. I was just about find a quote when I opened the book to that exact page. Very cool. How fortunate.

'Divorced people who suffer depression and complain of cognitive dysfunction may be expressing the loss of their external memory systems. [...] They once were able to discuss their experiences to reach a shared understanding...They once could count on access to a wide range of storage in their partner, and this, too, is gone...The loss of transactive memory feels like losing a part of one's one mind.'
This resounded with me. It's like that with everyone you know well, not just partners.
My other notes:

Proximity overpowers similarity.
-good to know when making friends

Good friends attribute their relationship to sharing similar attitudes but really it's sharing similar activities and than, less importantly, sharing similar attitudes.

Connectors- like and sees something interesting in everyone they meet instead of just choosing who they would like to know better.

Strength of Weak-Ties: source of social power that gives us access to a world we're not a part of. i.e. acquaintances more useful in helping one find a job than friends are because acquaintances belong to a different world.

Sending emotion ability: 1. move when hear good music 2. loud laugh 3. touch when talk 4. seductive glancing 5. center of attention

Levanthal's Fear experiment:
Stickiness factor- Tetanus shot example. only 3% got shots even though most intended to get shots. Add a map and open times. Increase to 28%. Presentation of how to fit into lives. Lesson became Advice which equals liabilities and owners equity, I mean, practical and personal.

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