Saturday, September 29, 2007

7 Finishing Schools

I just read about some great programs for Business and Finance Graduates. It might be a bit dated but I feel that it's something most students would be interested in.

Seven Finishing Schools
Company Rotation structure Who they recruit Age of program
AT&T Four 6-mos. (undergrads) Undergrads, recently added MBA track 10 years
EMC Three 1-yr. Mostly undergrads, some MBAs 3 years
Ford Two or three 18-24 mos. Mostly undergrads, some MBAs 1 year*
General Electric Four 6-mos. Undergrads 85 years
Johnson & Johnson Three 8-mos. Undergrads 6 years
Lucent Three 1-yr. Undergrads 8 years
W.W. Grainger Two or three 1-yr. Undergrads 6 years
*Ford revised its training program in 2003.
Source: The companies

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