Saturday, September 29, 2007

Photography 2.0

Photography 2.0 was great because it gave me a look into the world of professional photographers. I felt like truly understood their motivations and problems. There was the elite, Getty and Corbis, and the microstock images. Nothing in between. Getty has too much power. Photoshelter comes to the recuse and tries to compete with Getty Images. Their plan is to open submission to everyone while not compromising on quality and pricing to combat industry consolidation and microstock deflation from amateurs.

They went through stuff really fast there so I wasn't able to jot down everything I wanted, but I learned some stuff: Prosper Magazine and Jpg Magazine are good. Modern Postcards. Red Camera. Helpful groups: Stock Artists, ASMP, APA, NPPA. What it means to art producer and portfolio reviewer. What they look for when buying: qulaity, aesthetics, concept fit. Problems for buyers are pictures are not unqiue enough. Photographer worry about searchablity, how efficiently their images can be found.

I asked how one can get into editorials and the speaker told me, to just contact the art buyer in a magazine you want to target. Oh. I thought. So that's how we play the game. Nice to know the rules. Thanks.

I just uploaded a few pictures to Photoshelter today. I'll see how that turns out.

You can see videos and read more on their blog here. Another great photo spot I just learned about from someone I met there is Strobist.

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