Friday, September 25, 2009

What am I up to?

Just a quick personal post:

I am dedicating some time to my Flagship Shopping website, for people who are in London for a short time and only have time to experience the best of the best, and thus flagship stores. Its hits have been increasing steadily through organic search; due to growing interest, I will update Ferrari, Guess, and National Geographic (they have launched flagships in London).

I'm also spending some time finding a partner to help me with FilmGL, my hobby project that aggregates all the free films events in London. I have been going to tech events for that :)

I'm also going to these events. Oh and it's cool I just got accepted to IdeaLab in Germany. So will probably be going there. Any of course I have my two real startups :) not these teddy bear hobby sites :)

Haven't you noticed how I re-branded my site to LondonSF? And made it look better? And it has an awesome stream of feeds so you have a reason to visit the site even when I don't post?

And lastly, I'm trying to understand what this guy is talking about...

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