Saturday, September 26, 2009

iMix Gift Cards

Does anyone know if Apple allows you to make iMix playlist, buy the songs, and choose a gift card to put it on? It's not a gift card but rather a "mixtape" card that that has a code on it. When the recipient types the code, she can download the carefully compiled playlist for free. My mom's birthday is coming up in October~

When buying an ipod online as a gift, the user could be notified of this option. The buyer won't have to open the box to put music on the iPod or handle it in anyway. But he can still send individualised music for a friend, and we're bypassing the iTunes 1-way sync problem. Right now we sell gift cards, but why not sell iMix Cards? Let people create their playlists and pick a card to put it on (almost like making a physical yet digital CD). You can even allow them to upload their own photos or create a mosaic of pictures (you know how popular is).

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