Tuesday, July 28, 2009

P2P Book Library

Wouldn't it be great if we had a free mail-order book rental system in the UK? I used to have a constant stream of 7 or more books on my floor from Palo Alto, Los Altos, Fremont, and Mountain View libraries. Information and knowledge was cheap and free in California. (Even DVDs of popular movies). Now I hardly read because I have to buy books which I have no use for after reading. Not even for furniture. It would be cool to make a chair out of books. But I digress. So let's have an online service where users join and contribute their books to the online system and the system matches books with readers kind of like a NetFlix queue. People pay the shipping only. Discounted of course. See if we can get volume rates and government subsidy. UK library are very poor.

Or we could just create a Kindle library that allows people to "rent" books. Yes libraries would have to buy them and we could have to have library cards to "download" those books.

Or just stop hating on Google Books and work with them.


Sephto said...


theirs a few there are thousands of websites with free books i personally read during boring classes on my net book... that's about as close as ul get to convenience with books

Taige Zhang said...

I know everything is moving online but I really prefer hard copy books over computers and screens.

I think a big industry is going to be curing vision problems because just about everyone is near-sighted nowadays.

Hiren said...

They have that already. I forgot the website, but it is a system where you share your library and let others borrow it.