Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cycling Face Mask

I recently fixed my racing bike and got back on the streets. And the pollution was just awful. I wanted to be airlifted out of there. So I decided to get one of those cycling face masks. I went to Amazon to read some reviews and laughed when I saw this.

I know. How is The Game and a cycling face mask related? I guess when someone realizes he needs higher quality air, he also realizes he needs higher quality women.
Anyways, I bought it. Health is more important than money.


Andreas said...

Haha - great association of products there Amazon. In general I think that "other products people buy" is pretty good - though it does tend to force me to get more stuff which is bad!

Do you really reckon that pollution is that bad in London? Most days I have cycled I have not noticed it at all. Hardly ever see people with these masks on - look forward to hearing what you think!

Taige said...

Are you joking? Central London. I cycle to work every day and I think 1 in 6 people wear these masks! Especially in the morning. I think it cuts down the exhaust by 40% by my gut feel.

Thanks for commenting!