Monday, April 27, 2009

Competition: Hand-drawn Map of London

I am looking for beautiful hand-drawn maps of London. The map should be of Central London with the major streets and landmarks detailed. It can be black and white or similar to the map shown above. The winning mapmaker will receive £500 and have his artwork sold in bookstores, gift shops, and online. 

Deadline: June 17th, 2009.
Map Size: 57.2 X 25.4 cm. 

Hand drawn map must be based on this map. Note where the map stops. Major streets names should be labeled so someone can use the map.

Examples of similar maps to help you. These pictures should give you a sense of the style of mapping I am looking for. Paper most likely will be tan, and I think it's best to just use black ink or pencil.

Style: It should be like traditional English Maps. Imagine this map will be leather bound. Like this:

It'd be good to do a rough sketch and show me before you do the actual thing. Although it's up to your creative judgement, I think it should have these nice things:

A sign post saying "Dragons Spotted Here" where the London Dragon Statue is.
Some apple trees.

Submission, rules, and rights:
Please email a digital copy of the map to taige @ londonsf . com before or on June 17th, 2009. If your map wins, you will receive 300GBP upfront and we will meet to discuss the map. After we make the discussed changes and final touches, you will receive 200GBP for the final product. The rights to the map will go to the map company, but you will always be credited on every reproduction. 

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