Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wow. The next big domain run is on Twitter.

It seems the next domain name run isn't on top level domains. It's on Twitter. Any company that's not on twitter needs to get on before someone else cyber squats on its twitter name.

I have about 25 emails now which I could use up to buy some Twitter names. Currently I have taigez and filmgroup. Think of all the opportunities to make money off Twitter before Twitter even figures out how to monetize.

You could make a site that facilities buying and selling of twitter names. Well you could do that over ebay but it's probably not allowed or easy.

You could definitely splice ads into your tweets.

You could create hardware that automatically tweets for you. For example, an add-on to smart houses and GPS systems could tweet your location or whatever you're doing. I mean I'd get one for my hot tub. "Taige is in the hot tub." via hot tub service. This is very useful if you live in a 19 storey mansion like me because you don't want to make you way up my 19 floors to find the Jacuzzi completely full.

Whatever twitter is dumb. But still.

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