Saturday, March 14, 2009

Email is broken. Fixing Email. Fee-Mail?

This is it. I've spent my entire Friday night going through my inbox for this week and I'm still only 50% done.

I know I just started FilmGL. Am doing with a map project. Am involved in real estate website project. And working on research project and papers and Seedcamp and Connexion. Sailing and swimming. But here's my most awesome idea yet.

I'm not scared if someone takes it. I mean I had the idea for Scribd before it was released but they could pull it off, while I couldn't. An idea can not be protected. Plus I think Bill Gates had this basic idea years ago.

Why don't we create a fee-based email service provider? Basically, you create an email account such as or something. Then when you get a email it's prioritized based on the cost of the email. For example 5 cents for urgent, 2c for immediate action required, and 1c for normal email. Then you can add people on a contact list such as friends and they get to bypass the 1 cent fee for normal mail. Then you have a semantic prioritize to prioritize it even further. Those that pass it get sent you your blackberry. Then you can install the e-secretary plugin (monthly fee) to handle a percentage or all your correspondences.

I've actually copied and pasted someone's email to me. Changed my name for someone else's and another keyword. And pasted and sent it. That's where I've been ok?

Basically e-sectary can be some sort of "smart" away message.

For example, it'll say

"Dear [sender],

Thanks for contacting [receiver] regarding [get.subject] and as [receiver]'s personal e-secretary I have prioritized your mail as non-urgent and of a social nature. He is currently [get.status from facebook or twitter] and may be unable to get back to you for [get.non-urgent response time].

Since you are on his [get.contactlist], you may [get.permission action1] him on his mobile [get. personal mobile number] or on skype [get. skype name].

[if find."how are you" then print.personal update set] [receiver] is doing well. He is busy with work and started a new group. It's a group for movie-goers who want to see free films and advanced screenings. If you like films, you should check it out. It's called He'll be traveling to California at the end of the month and will return in about 2 weeks.

He will get in touch with you shortly. Thanks for the email.


Jenny, e-secretary.

So basically, if you have a fee-mail address and someone tries to send you a email. This is a great email address to give out to marketers and people you don't want to bother you. Or it doesn't even have to be a email address. It can just be a provider and you use your custom domain. Basically an alias. Then fee mail will hold a non-paying email it receives and relegate it to the bottom, and send the sender a email back saying your email is currently low priority ranked and the receiver may not be able to see it for 2 weeks. To send a normal rank email, please install this plugin to gmail, outlook, thunderbird, whatever. Or sign up for a feemail account, where you'll accumulate cash/credits for receiving mail and be able to send priority emails.

Booyah. I just made FedEx for email.

Then again. Maybe it's because I have 20 email address that all get forwarded to one place. Maybe that's my problem. But I think email is broken. It can't just be a simple ranking by time anymore. Not went everyone has 1000 contacts. I read some where we can only have 120 friends. Anymore we can't really manage.

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