Thursday, March 26, 2009

ebay paypal buyer scam in london. how to do it. and how to prevent scams

whenigrowupiwannabedebbieharry is a ebay paypal scammer. black male about 5'7'' with a british accent. does not wear jewelry. scar on top of forehead above eyes.

Dear Taige Zhang,

An unauthorised account activity claim was recently issued against the following transaction:
Buyer's Name: Paul Horsey
Buyer's Email:

Transaction Date:
Transaction Amount: -400.00 GBP
Case Number: PP-665-762-981

Address:Paul Horsey
8 Fosse Way
Yeovil, Somerset
BA21 3UQ
United Kingdom
Address status:Confirmed

"hello, as im very interested in your item can i pay by paypal and collect today once the payment as bein completed. thanks 07983148393"

He uses the pay using paypal, do a pickup in person, and claim that his account was breached and someone made an unauthorized purchase trick. Paypal then reverses the transaction instantly and the seller has no product and no money. He makes off with a 400 GBP product which he then sells.

You can use this trick to rip people off. But don't just because you have the power to, that's what a society is. You have the power to push an old lady onto traffic, but you don't.

To prevent this, you should have a posting receipt for all your transactions but don't get scammed in the first place because it'll take ages to get it resolved. If in-person-pickup is really necessary, do your DD. Get their driver's license or some other ID. Call their employer to confirm their id and trust. Verify their story. If they're buying for someone, ask to speak to the person. And do it in cash, not paypal. Most importantly, do the transaction in a bank with security guards and cameras. And if they do pay in cash, deposit it instantly so you know it's not counterfeit and you don't get mugged. Plus you can sit down at a table and make sure the person is true. Feel the person out. If you get 3 signals that the guy is fishy, walk away. Remember do it on your terms. You have the power, not the scammer.

It's sad London is like this. My roommate was scammed by a person pretending to own the flat and ran off with her deposit. Even with great due diligence, you can't always be certain.

I realize this scammer may read this post when he googles his name, and may try to retaliate or come after me, but this is a risk I am willing to take. I would feel horrible he I let him do this to someone like my roommate or my friends. Or even a stranger. This would never happen in Japan. If you lost your wallet in the pub, you'd get your wallet back the next day with interest. It's called honor and integrity. Austria is also good, my friend lost his money belt and passport in a museum to have it returned. I lost a video camera in the tube in Australia and my mom a camera in shop in Mexico. We were not so lucky.

Trust and loyalty used to be my number one criteria for friends, but those qualities are so hard to find that I pretty much only had like 2 friends. So now I tend to look for people who live close to me and have a similar personality. A true friend is someone who will stick up for you even if they know you're wrong. A true friend will also be honest with you, even if it's not what you want to hear. A true friend does things to help you without needing you to know he did it.

If you become one of my friends, I will never leave you and always be there to help you (although you can be certain I'll leave you physically because I'm always moving). And friendship is not measured by its length. It's measured by its quality. For example, I met two girls in Prague, a girl on an airplane, a guy on a bus, all for less than 24 hours and we've been friends ever since. I feel like if I needed their help, they would help me. I've also had a friend for three years that completely broke my trust in a single selfish minute. I've also had a best friend that betrayed me over a girl. And best friends who just stop keeping in touch. And a rabbit and a cat.

But, I never hold grudges. It's too much work and negative for me.

I think Facebook has diluted the whole concept of friendship. No I do not actually have 675. I'd be happy with 80. The rest are acquaintances. I do not have 675 friends. That means if I had 3 hours per day for friends, each friend would only get .4% of my time, which translates to 1.62 hours per year per friend. (3*365/675) Yes by being my friend I will spend 1.62 hours with you every year. Haha.

Ok I gotta go back. California here I come.

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