Saturday, November 29, 2008

how to follow people on twitter

Ok. I just figured out how to follow a twitter user by myself because no one ever tells you how to follow someone on twitter. They just say something like "Yeah I have a twitter account. It's hotfoxyduck." I even searched on google: "follow on twitter" and "how to follow on twitter." Didn't get any relevant results or helpful directions.

This is how to follow on twitter.

1. login to twitter.
2. type "@[twitter username]" into the "What are you doing?"

Common mistake: Notice in the hotfoxyduck example, you can't just type "her" when asked what are you doing. You must tell twitter you are doing @her.

3. then the click on "her" which will be an active link.

4. then you will see a "follow" button under her icon. Click it!

5. Congrats. You are now following her.

11/29/08 Update: Much easier way to do it discovered after writing this long post.

1. type[username]
then you will see a "follow" button under her icon. Click it!

Common bug: If the username is "home" this shortcut fails.


Anonymous said...

you'll notice that doing so will leave a trail of posts containing usernames you were looking for. have you tried going directly to[twitterusername]? the follow button will be there as long as you are logged in.

Taige said...

yeah I didn't know that. I'll update.

edd said...

What, is she funny or something?

JCoke said...


Taige said...

way to plant