Thursday, November 27, 2008

dumb ads, convertible taxis, secondary mp3 market

Start music, then start reading:

Old Navy Commercial by Lights, who is from Toronto. Love the music, hate the subliminal ads.

OK I haven't even started on my Starbucks case study yet and it's 00:31... Three thoughts I had on my way home: Why are they advertising "Visit London" on London double deckers. That's really bad targeting. Really awful. I'm already here. Also why aren't there convertible taxis? I mean is it safety? I would love to be in a Lexus SC Black Taxicab. Why isn't there a secondary market for Mp3s? I want to sell my old James Blunt Mp3 for 35p. It's in like new condition! Some startups better get that one.

Lastly I'm zuber excited to see my best friends Daccuzi and Shiny on Dec 25th 2008 in London. The gang is back.

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