Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am really fascinated by Lehman's bankruptcy. I can't believe it, and at the same time, think it's pretty cool how something with over 150 years of business history can just implode like this. It was just too confident and risky. It's humbling. What are all of these bankers going to do? Hedge funds are over. Commodities are out. My bet is they're going to start traveling. You know take "time off." That's why I'm invested in airlines. Yes the ones that went down like 80%. Actually, I'm losing money on RIM rather on airlines. Airlines are going up because of the collapse in oil. I still think it's ridiculous that planes are cheaper than trains.

I'm thinking of going to Canary Wharf today to see what it's like down there. The mood and what stuff they threw out. I bet it's like college move out day. Heaps of cool things. I need a good chair...

Canary wharf turned into a cardboard city as thousands clear their desks
London staff told to leave as Lehman Brothers goes under

And I was wondering what interesting things would turn up on eBay. I found some domain names for sale such as falloflehman.com and lehmanresumes.com. People are always trying to make money. That's good. 

More lehman stuff for sale on ebay including a 2008 lehman hat.

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