Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Virgin America Airline (VX) Reschedule Policy

*Virgin America's reschedule policy: If you are early for a flight, you can reschedule for free and fly standby. If you're late for your flight, you can reschedule and fly on the same day for free! Or you can pay $25 for a guaranteed seat, instead of standby. If you miss your flight and can't be rescheduled on the same day, you must pay a $40 reschedule fee plus the difference in airfare.

More finding from my research. Accurate as of 1/8/2008:
*Virgin America in SFO is temporarily located in SFO's international terminal even though it is for domestic travel.
*Virgin America doesn't check for ID when boarding gate nor look at ticket when board aircraft nor rip your ticket.
*They have a cool safety video. Strangely, they didn't show it the first time I flew. I think they forgot.
*Their in flight internet is still not working.
*In-flight entertainment is run on linux, redhat.
*Movies cost $8.
*They provide candy and a laptop sometimes at the waiting area.
*For domestic travel. All you need is a ID such as California's Driver's license.

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