Thursday, December 6, 2007

My 4 Mile jogging route. There and back.

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I think running is one of the best things in the world. It works you out. It makes you feel good. Keeps you healthy.

And it stimulates your brain. I used to run with an iPod, but I don't like to do that anymore because it's distracting. Now I like to count while I run.

Today I was running and smelled the best smells. Which made me sad because I won't be able to the food emanating those smells. Then I started missing being a kid.

Why I miss being a kid:
-I can't go over to friend's place and stay over for dinner.
-I have to to worry about stuff
-I can't make fun of teachers anymore
-I have to complicate my life and put up with girls
-I don't have all my friends in one place
-I don't get free lunches (well, if you were poor like me you got free breakfast too)
-I can't trick or treat with pillow cases and my mom's lab coat or my friend's Halloween costume from last year anymore. Once we discover a house with a bowl of candy outside and we took all of it. I was like "jackpot"!
-I can't watch a lot of TV anymore.
-I can't play video games anymore.
-I have to be responsible for my words and actions. Thus. I will not write anything that can get me in trouble.

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