Thursday, December 20, 2007

Never call people at around 1:45 PM.

I just called three people and it totaled less than 5 minutes. That was a crazy experience, especially since one of them is a best friend. I usually can't even get a person off my cell phone in less than six minutes, as I always try to do because I am currently on prepaid. Then get mad because it's 6:01 or 8:01 or something. And they round to the minute.

I know that timing is something, but I didn't know it was everything. I realize now: Most people just don't want to talk after lunch. They've already socialized enough during lunch. They want to get some work done after lunch, so they'll try to get you off the phone as quick as possible. They also feel like working because they just got fueled. So no chit chat. Duly noted. Next time I'll make my calls at my standard time 3:15 PM. Or after work, but what if people are tired after work and just want to sit and rest?

Update 2:03 PM:

Someone just called me at 2:01. I think it made all the difference. Or maybe it's just because I am not at work....

I will heed my own observations and hold off calling the guy who to confirm my couchsurfing his place in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve.

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