Thursday, November 1, 2007

Aside: Pick Up Follow Up

This is the follow up to my getting picked up.

So I got a call from the girl. I totally forgot about not picking up. I thought it was an interview call. She quizzed me a bit. And wanted to hang out. I was like you're too far away. She was like well she can come to my place some times. I was like. Nah. It's such a hassle. Man I wanted to say no I'm not interested, lemon rule, but I couldn't do it. She was like do you think we'll ever see each other again? I was like hum maybe, but probably not.

She ended with it was nice talking to you. Charles would have been like, "it was a real pleasure to know you and good luck with your life."

I think that's that.

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Jen's Way of Living said...

This is funny...
I am not surprised you got picked up, lol