Thursday, November 1, 2007

Aside: Halloween! EX-convicts

Now some more crazy stuff: BART passes a station and about 7 people get on. They are all from jail. They just got out. I figured that out fast because they were talking about jail time, borrowing cell phones to make calls. Talking about how long they stayed there, etc. They walked to the Dublin BART station from jail. One guy is a dad. He says he has three kids and will surprise them tonight. Someone asks what if they're asleep. He says, I'll wake them up if they're asleep. And I think "hot damn, why do criminals have kids when really successful people I look up to aren't even married and don't want kids? How the hell is this Darwinian when all the criminals busy passing on their genes on when the elite are so preoccupied with their careers they don't even stop to procreate?" One female ex-convict asks me for a pen. I don't even check if I have one. I'm not a nerd, why would I have a pen on me? None of them have bags or anything. I guess they go to jail with just the clothes they have on and get them back when they're released. I imagine going to jail in the same clothes I'll be walking out in. They are very friendly with each other. I guess hardship brings people together. This is why I know my UofT friends and I will be lifelong friends. A bond is formed when people go through hardship together. 4 ex-convicts get off at my stop. One ex-con says to the other, "don't go back." The other replies, "I have to go back." (He's out on bail).

Anyways, you have to have been there.

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