Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Too Late

I just got home now... It's 10 minutes to 1AM. Amazing.

Just found out about AMAA,, and ADI. Met cool people.

Run down of day. Woke up at 730. Put stop limit sell order on LULU for $55.00. Got to Bart. Went to Web2.0 Summit to check out. Wait. Robert Half interview. Check out MetroPCS. Get recognized by someone for the first time in SF on the street. Milestone! Read in library. Email. Study. Borrowed books and Pursuit of Happyness DVD. Went to CPA mixer. Went to Idea2.0. Take BART home. Being on BART was like being at a black family reunion (yes it had the "white girl" sprinkles). At first I thought Chris Rock was in town or something, but turns out The Color Purple play just ended. Very interesting experience. Now I won't feel bad if I never get to participate in a black family reunion.

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