Monday, October 15, 2007

First Impression of Lunch 2.0

Friday, I went to check out Lunch 2.0 and I enjoyed it very much. I was impressed by the food. And crowd. Met several interesting people. The Tagged CEO. He was the first guy I bumped into with my plate of food. Then I found Jatin and talked to Rodger from a neat web2.0 called iletYou. Then Tom from 3jam. Then I just chatted with people. Memory is hazy. I have a business card from Outspark so I guess I must of talked to someone from there. Then I met an strange fellow from Antenna group that does PR for Netvibes, along with Netvibes folks. I didn't know it was French or how they made money until I talked to one of the founders.

Summary: Got free shirts. No pics because my camera is broke. Got a few leads.

Try to get in touch with them later. It's a bit frustrating how slowly things are going for me. I guess I shouldn't be so picky about joining a particular start up or VC. I should just join one that needs a business guy. I shouldn't be so focused on Scribd.

Today, I went and met up with Hiren. A fellow similar to myself who is a business guy in a world of start up. His story is a little inspiring since he moved here several months ago too with nothing and now is doing decently. He got 750 business cards. I have about 50 so I got a long ways to go.

Today I also revamped my resume.

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