Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah. I added features.

So after reading AVC Blog (a blog by a VC) and commenting, I decided to bring the features he had on the bottom of every blog to my blog.


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It took a while to understand how he got it on there. I looked at his html and then read his post on using feedburner. Then I signed up. And did it. Then it didn't work. So I had to troubleshoot. Then it worked. It look me like 1.5 hour.

Oh no. How come this doesn't have : Email thisSphere: Related ContentDigg This!Share on Facebook

Below it? I don't get this..........

I try to fix it for 1 hour.


Now it's completely not working. Maybe it's feedburner's problem because I did everything according to direction.

I try some more for 30 minutes......

It's working! I'm very happy about that. Must of been Feedburner being slow.

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