Monday, September 24, 2007

Meeting with friend from Anian

I'm going to meet my interviewer from Anian, a reuter's company that "generates unbiased analysis and ideas from valuable primary sources based on the needs and direction of our clients." We connected very well during the interview and I hope we can be friends, so I asked him out for lunch. I think he would make a great boss because he's so encouraging and sincere. Plus, I'm very excited about his company because of what it does and how fast it's growing, and who's backing it. If there's more openings, I'd definitely want to join. It's one of the few interviews I got and didn't get some sort of offer. However, even during the interview he said something like, "even if we can't hire you for this position, there will be a lot of new positions opening up."

I usually don't get many interviews because I didn't do a lot of great internships in Toronto. One is because I wanted to study abroad last summer. Two is jobs in Toronto is really, really competitive and most internship were for accounting which I have no interest in. One of my best friends got a summer analyst job at Morgan Stanley in Toronto (which is near impossible because they don't even hire). He told me he got that job through a connection. Now, this was during the time when he had tried to "it just happened" with my girl friend which made us not close afterwards. Sure I forgave him because I'm that nice of a guy that doesn't believe in grudges, but we haven't been very close ever since. I think I'll send him a email.

Damn. I feel kind of sad. We even talked about opening a business one day together. And buying real estate near the university. And investing. We went on for hours talking about investing strategies... and where we can get free food on campus. I used to go over to his place everyday.... He was a creative, funny, hard working guy. We were too similar... He was the guy that introduced me to the "tong hua" song. I actually miss him now.

(If you want to apply go to

Anyways, I'm also trying to befriend a ibanker who just graduated from NorthWestern. He's a very cool guy I met at a Creative Common's party but he seems so tired all the time and I've never actually had the opportunity to meet up with him even though we tried to arrange it several times. It was either he was late, or I was unavailable or location.

Later in the week, I'm going to Berkeley to party and meet people and audit some interesting classes. Just like Shakira. Except at UC Berkeley not at UCLA.

Prediction: This will be a good week. As always when I get a hair cut.

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