Wednesday, August 25, 2010

story of my chinese visa

barely got out meeting to make the visa appointment, cant find the place, stranger points the place out, visa officer says my photo isn't printed on photo paper (i used photo printer glossy paper), points me to photo booth, £5 for 5 pictures (very expensive), i dont have change, leave to get cash, decide i'll reprint mine on a photo kiosk, ask a storekeep, gives a recommendation, i follow, i decide to go into boots to take a look, found it, kiosk doesnt connect online, luckily i emailed my photo to my mom to check out, ask guy with camera to take picture for me and print there, unfortuantley camera broke, i need a internet cafe i have a usb and sd card in my bag, next door is a curry's (bestbuy), one computer is not in demo mode, i put sd card in, sales rep comes over ask what i'm doing, i explain, he is friendly but says computers dont connect to internet, luckily i have mifi, turn it on, get pic put on my sd card, go to boots, cant be read, i go back to currys and tell him didnt work, luckily i still have my pic on computer, save it as jpeg again, save as tiff, save as tiff and back to jpeg, and put all of them on my sd card, go back to boots, one of them works, print it, pay, run back to visa office, cut it out, give it to person, told to come back on tuesday to pick up.

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