Monday, February 15, 2010

british airways standby policy

I just called BA and asked about their Standby Policy because they don't really explain it online, and the few sources I found online, didn't seem too reliable.

What I found:

Q: I have a flight on Monday, can I fly standby on Sunday without paying a change fee? [I give my reference]

A: BA doesn't allow standby if you don't have a flexible ticket.

How do you know if you have a flexible ticket:

A: If you paid £700 to £800 for it. If during purchase, there is no mention of a change fee.

Can I cancel my ticket and take the value of my ticket as credit, and repurchase?

A: Yes on a flexible ticket, but only some fees are refunded on a budget ticket.

That's not very satisfactory.

I forgot to ask about name change.

Then I got to thinking about a Secondary Airfare Market, like eBay for flights. Searched for it. Then I stumbled across this cool website!

It tells you how you can fly for really cheap by helping a courier company by making use of your unused baggage allowance.

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