Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taige's Christmas Top 50 Digital Products Wish List 2009

It's November and soon it'll be Christmas. Getting pretty excited!! People sometimes don't know what gifts to buy for their friends and family. You can't go wrong with my recommended gift ideas :) unless it's a teenage girl. Just kidding. My Top 10 works for everyone.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts List

1. This is a really hot christmas gift! Plus it's on sale. Original price is £149 at Apple. This is good for young people who like the internet and video games. It's popular for a reason.

2. These are also good. For people that like to exercise or want 160 GB of space.

3. This is by far the best digital camera I've seen. It's a manual camera as good as SLRs with great image quality but the size and form factor is fantastic. Just like any pocket camera.

4. Anyone who is an artist will love you for this. Fact.

5. This is for someone you really really like. Or needs a computer. Simply the best in my opinion.

6. I think lots of people have Wiis but personally I still think it's more fun for the casual gamer who wants to exercise a little than the new PS3 Slim.

7. This is a really cute gift. I don't think anyone can have too many plush toys. This new generation allows you to play with them online.

8. This is just hours of fun. It's on the wii.

9. I always enjoy new things. Many of my friends also enjoy learning new languages like me. This should be useful and fun.

10. This is a really cheap netbook. I got one (not this one) just because it's so small and cute. Kinda sad.

11-40 coming soon...

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