Thursday, November 26, 2009

Music Artist Fantasy Stock Exchange (MAFSE)

I feel some sort of an emotion when I see artists that I found really quite good, go main stream. For example, Owl City (number one on iTunes) and to an extent Little Boots (on all the front covers in UK). If they were stocks, I may have bought them and got rich. Seriously, I feel like I'm better than all you guys for finding them before they were big. Let's me be cocky for a bit.

My Music Artist Fantasy Stock Exchange (MAFSE for short) works like a Sport Fantasy game. Except you play with fake money and music stock prices depends on the artist's popularity on Google trends. You can get credit by referring friends (something you might do anyway, telling your friends about music you discovered). You can spend credits on music, spotify subscriptions, iTunes, and other stuff.

Click here to build your Music Portfolio, you big shot producer all rejecting Britney Spears' proposal, you.

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