Thursday, September 24, 2009

End of Paper Jabbers (thank goodness)

The hoards of paper litter jabbers have finally given up and those annoying people will soon disappear! When you first visit London you will be surprised by these people on the street chasing you down and force feeding you unusable paper with black ink on it. It was a very strange thing to me because why do you need to pay someone to give out something for free? Isn't free enough? And it's not giving. It's forcing. They will point at you with a rolled up paper litter and move it only at the last second when you're about to be jabbed. Blocking traffic. Boy those people are annoying. They produce tons of waste and don't smell very nice. I'm kidding. But I'm sure it's true if you took the time to smell them.

There's two legions waging a war out there on the London streets: London Paper and London Lite. And new comer, Sports. London Paper has been slain. Hopefully and I predict without competition, London Lite will stop being so aggressive and disband their army of paper jabbers.

I can't believe at one time you could actually get a job to be annoying in London.

Final edition of The London Paper

The London Paper being given out
The London Paper had a circulation of half-a-million in July

The freesheet The London Paper will be given away for the last time on Friday.

The paper's closure was announced last month by News International after it recorded pre-tax losses of £12.9m.

The evening paper was launched on 4 September 2006, four days after the Associated Newspapers's free paper London Lite hit the streets.

Tough decision

But Mr Murdoch said: "The team at The London Paper has made great strides in a short space of time with innovative design and a fresh approach but the performance of the business, in a difficult free evening newspaper sector, has fallen short of expectations.

"We have taken a tough decision that reflects our priorities as a business."

Westminster City Council had threatened legal action against the distributors of the papers after they created four tonnes of waste a day.

The two publishers agreed to meet some of the costs of recycling and put in measures to tackle the problem.

Update: Seems like they do need to keep force feeding. I did some research on "Sport" the magazine brand that the chinese apparel companies have been using for years. In 2 minutes, 4 sports magazines were distributed by a paper jabber outside Oxford Circus tube tunnel compared to a cart, 10 meters away at a different exit. I think someone can go crazy just standing there jabbing at a frantic mass of endless people. Good thing it's only for 1-2 hours. They should be allowed a chair.

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