Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another thing people should do

I had this idea before but never did anything about it. Still won't. But wouldn't it be cool if...

We could give homeless people jobs selling used, second-hand, charity, and other junk items? Instead of having a boot sale. Just donate it to a charity centre, which in turn distributes these goods to homeless people to sell. Homeless people will have a good source of income, and charity shops can reduce the cost of selling.

If you can get them to sell magazines, I'm sure you can get them to sell second hand items. Currently, police do not allow people to sell items on the street without a license. So issue them a license like those "Big Issue" sellers.

Problem is the average homeless guy makes 5 GBP an hour of panhandling... so there's limited incentive for them to do any more work.

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Anonymous said... someone who has experianced street homelessness in may interested to know that lots of homeless charitys,run daycentre drop ins..St martins in trafalgar square comes to mind..where clothes and shoes are donated free..but the homeless have to buy!
so the idea of charity given away a income,if but small to homeless people,they so call advocate on behalf of,sorry they got their first
regards..a streetwise person