Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I just realized

Very cool weekend. Don't have time to update but beach, trains, and laughing were involved.

I have to make a post because I find it funny that I name all my Apple products after airlines. Apple is cool because it makes you name your mp3 player. So I was like. Taige's iPod sounds really stupid. And vain. So I thought. What would look good with a triangle to its right? What inherently sounds good and has connotations of freedom, technology, and beauty for a white iPod? AirFrance. That's such a cool name for an iPod.

When I got my iPhone. I was thinking. Dang I got to name it again... so I thought long and hard. What sounds good, is best in its class, and fits the theme? Emirates.

So yeah. Soon my iTunes will be an Airport.

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