Saturday, April 18, 2009

bird plane engine

As I write my final paper on Lufthansa's international M&A activities, I stumbled across something amusing on its website. Prominently displayed is a posting looking for engineers to solve the bird strike problem. I was thinking, why don't you just put a screen there? To answer my own question, I had to do some research.

I found the engine's voracious appetite for air makes a screen an inefficient and poor solution. And the solution is actually very evasive. Planes are actually quite vulnerable to bird attacks.

Assuming terrorists are still interested in hurting airlines, how difficult would it be to train Canadian geese to fly into planes? Don't you just have to put a plane in front of it when it hatches and then it'll imprint on the plane?

Aww... I miss these random musings and quasi-insightful though experiments I used to have with whoever sat around me at dinning halls at University of Toronto New College residence. I've lost so many arguments but when you pick as many fights in subjects you know little about but are curious about, that's what happens. Miss those days. Life was pretty cool. Don't forget DC++.

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