Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iPhone next song while in your pocket

I like how the iPhone doesn't have a long instruction manual like Nokia phones so you have to explore to discover. Today I think I've found out every trick that the iPhone has now. I've always hated when jogging or cycling I couldn't skip a song without having to access the touchscreen.  

My favorite iPhone shortcuts and tips. 

1. Go to next song/skip track. Double click the microphone on the iPhone headset.
2. Pause/Play. Click microphone on iPhone headset.
3. Go to previous song. Triple click microphone on iPhone headset.
4. Zoom in and out for photo and website. One finger double tap.
5. Zoom in on google map. One finger double tap.
6. Zoom out on google map. Two finger double tap.
7. Double click home menu to access iPod controls. (You have to setup in settings)
8. Screenshot. Hold the "hold" button top one. Click home.
9. Delete email from inbox. Don't open it. Just Slide finger from left to right. And click delete button which shows up.
10. See how many minutes or money left on your phone. Call *#10#. For O2.

Cool tricks I found on people's sites.

1. Type numbers and special characters without switching modes. Click 123 and drag to the number you want and lift. Click and slide.

Actually just go to this site. It has everything:

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Tiffani said...

Also while listening to the iPod u can shake ur phone and it shuffels the songs