Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fixed everything today

I can't believe it. I have figured out how to use linux! A bit...

Ok. This is what I did today. I fixed my Timex Ironman watch. It didn't have sound for months and now the display was gone. So I thought maybe I had to replace the battery. I opened the back. Got the battery. Found it at a store after several tries. Popped it. Yes the watch worked but no sound like before. Did some research online. Fiddled around for 40 minutes while on the phone with a friend. The sound making device is the white pad on the back of the watch and the spring was the conductor that faciliated the sound. Once figured that out I sealed the O-ring and bamb!!! It's perfect like new.

Ok. Also I fixed my bike and installed bicycle bell. That took like 1.3 hour at Cycle Surgery.

As the result of having to spend 1.2 hour trying to downgrade my browser IE8, FF3, and Sarfari to take some online test for a job, I decided it's time to add multiple OS to my computer again.

So I spent my Friday night doing that. And I can't believe I figured out how to use linux. I learned how to use Kate and Pipe to Terminal and Focus on Terminal by myself with no internet access as I had to manually install the Broadcom Wireless Driver for Linux (which was released by Broadcom only last month). OK back to the story. So after backing up my XP. I installed Leopard. Formatted a FAT partition to Mac Journaled and installed mac os on it. Installed Kubuntu, it's amazing to use. Awesome UI. If Windows 7 was like KDE 4.1 I'd be happy. Just beautiful and natural. But still some linux quirks I need to get used to. Then I used the GRUB editor to add mac os to the bootloader. Didn't really work. So I put in ubuntu cd and used Gparted to flag the hsf+ partition as boot. Then tried it and it worked! So from GRUB I get access to Kubuntu, XP, Mac. I select mac and darwin bootloader prompts me for XP or Mac.

Then I spend the most time figuring out how to install the wireless driver on linux. That took like 1.5 hours and just a lot of problem solving and taking chances. Luckily today things just seem to work for me.

So now I have a perfect Timex Ironman watch, a repaired bike, and a PC that tri-boots Linux Kubuntu, XP, and Mac OS Leopard.

I'm typing this using Kubunto and I don't know how to take a screenshot on linux yet so I can't show you how awesome this is. But this is super cool. I got display, wireless, and sound working on all my three OS so that's the main ones.

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joe said...

nice work! enjoy on opensuse and it rocks!