Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In order to try to simplify my life and reduce stress, I've really decided to narrow my focus down to a few things so life is more manageable:

Seedcamp about 2.5 days a week.
Final year project 2 days a week.
Connexion Capital about 1 day a week.
Sailing .6 day a week.
Industry events .3 day a week.
Job search .3 day a week.
House Manager .2 day a week.
HULT Student Association MBA Rep .05 day a week.
Network Canada .02 day a week.
UofT Alumni London Rep .02 day a week.
Business idea .01 day a week.

Ok. Still seems kinda stressful....

1 comment:

Jordi BufĂ­ said...

Hi! If you do some multitasking you'll have time for sleeping :-D