Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Do List Template: Book of Small Victories

I needed a To-Do-List Notepad and there just wasn't a good enough one. So I made one.

I needed it to

  • Be 3.5X6 inches
  • Combine goal setting with action oriented tasks
  • Make me feel very good about accomplishing a task/goal
  • Make tasks fun, humorous, and creative
  • Challenge me to complete the task
My Book of Small Victories does all that. I thought about turning it into a business idea but I am too busy to run this cool but time consuming, low-margin business. If I sold it online, few people would want to pay $5 and pay shipping. I would have to personally ship it or using Amazon fulfillment. I might shop it around some stores such as Waterstones but the low margins is hardly worth the time.

Book of Small Victories

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