Thursday, November 20, 2008

Optimal time to sell stuff on

I have to sell my Nokia phone on and it amazes me how much the price for the same item in the same condition varies just by chance. This variance can be upwards of 10-25 GBP.

I find that many times, things are cheaper when the auction ends at 11AM to 1PM because most people are busy at work. And I think most people are out on Thursday and Friday nights so there should be less demand. Since I need to make the listing, I did some research first and just wanted to share what I found.

Tips about peak traffic times:

Match Listing Endings to Peak Visitorship

There are two simple axioms that you should keep in mind whenever you prepare to list an item. By considering them in light of listing times and lengths, you can ensure always to post your auctions in the most favorable bid environments possible:
  • The longer you list, the more bids you'll get.Three days is better than one, five is better than three, and so on. Many of eBay's visitors check the site once per week or less, so a listing of at least seven days is preferable, ten days ideal (even given the ten-cent surcharge).

  • The closer you end to peak traffic times, the more bids you'll get. The vast majority of eBay bids are placed within the last few minutes of an auction listing's lifespan. Though it takes days to accumulate watchers, most of these people won't actually bid until the auction is nearly closed. Once your auction is down to its last half-hour or so, it will also begin to appear in "closing soon" browse results that draw in still more bidders—if there are bidders around to see it.
Peak visitorship on eBay runs in daily and weekly cycles following the same pattern seen around most of the World Wide Web. In general, traffic flows according to the following two simple rules:
  • Daily peak visitorship is between 8:00 PM eastern time and 10:00 PM pacific time. To maximize bidding for daily peak time, list your auction during this window so that it will close during this window and gain the largest possible daily audience.

  • Weekly peak visitorship is on Sunday evening. To match your listing to the weekly peak in order to maximize bidding, list so that your auction will close on a Sunday evening between 8:00 PM eastern time and 10:00 PM pacific time. Listing seven-day auctions every Sunday evening is a convenient way to time your auctions well without having to think about it too much, while also avoiding the surcharge on 10-day listings.
The advice from is aite, but I checked out Alexa and it seems like Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are good for end times on

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Taige said...

actually it may be better to sell post peak because number of cumulative visitors is maximized, and watchers will come back to bid.