Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Startup Scene in London

Tonight I went to my first startup event in London. It was a party hosted by Huddle/ I am happy to find that there's a vibrant startup community here in London like in the bay area. It's pretty awesome to discover the entrepreneur and VC scene where I feel very much at home. Basically, I feel at home there and at fashion shows. And at home.

Of course, there are differences. Like in London, they are much more better dressed, drink more alcohol, and have kinkier business cards. Also the crowd is more diverse. Similarities lie in the connection to California (almost everyone has been to SF, San Jose, Palo Alto, etc) and the complete dearth of women.
It's like this:
(Includes the conversation with bartender)
So it's pretty awesome that I'm pulling at this thread, already met some cool people. I learned about more startup events in London such as Seedcamp, Open Social Music, Open Coffee, MeetUp (same as back home), Social Media Cafe, and Social Innovation. I also noticed like PE events, Oxford alumni dominate. I wonder where all the Cambridge alumni parties are?

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Zuzanna said...

The name is Huddle not Hubble :-)

Taige said...

haha awesome :)

Macky said...

Hi Taige,

My rowing season is over... but I am trying to get something off my head... a girl... Tessa who is on my rowing team.

I can't believe I actually liked a girl first time in long, ass time!

I can't seems to get her off my head, hopefully and I feel so turn down.

Anyways, I should recover in next few days.

By the way, Comfort Rentals are doing very well...

Wish me luck!